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Cubic Zirconia

The best simulated diamond on today's market, cubic zirconia (CZ) offers a combined
high value of refractive index, dispersion and hardness ( Mohs hardness: 8.5; refractive
index: 2.15; specific gravity: 5.8). Like naturalstones, CZs vary in color, clarity and cut.

Stone Shape

Birth Stone Chart

Necklace Length

Zodiac Sign Chart

Ring Guide Chart

Beware! Always make sure your finger size before you place ring order. If you are not sure about your finger size, you can use our "Finger Sizer" chart for a guide. If buying for a friend, just ask him or her
to do the step 1 and 2. Use a ruler to get the length over the phone. You can than use our "Ring Size Table" to find the relative size # match the length. If you do not find the size # match exactly the same
as the length, always order one size up, so it will not get too small to wear.

Step1:Cut a straight strip of paper about the size of 3 inches (long)* 1/2 inch (wide).

Step2: Warp around your finger with this paper strip. Place a mark where the end meets the
paper strip.

Step3: Place the mark on the "X" of this finger size chart just print out. Extend the paper strip, the # indicates at the end of the paper strip is the correct finger size.

Special Notes
Refer to our "Ring Size Table" for international size conversion chart for different sizing standard.

Cubic Zirconia Converting from Size to Karat Chart

Round Shape
Size C.Z. Weight Diamond Weight
1.25 0.013 0.01ct
1.5 0.023 0.015
1.75 0.237 0.02
2mm 0.06 0.03
2.25 0.08 0.04
2.5 0.10 0.05
2.75 0.15 0.06
3mm 0.20 0.10
3.25 0.25 0.13
3.5 0.30 0.16
3.75 0.35 0.20
0.43 0.25
4.25 0.52 0.3
4.6 0.62 0.36
4.75 0.72 0.42
5mm 0.62 0.48
5.25 0.98 0.58
5.5 1.10 0.65
5.75 1.27 0.75
6mm 1.45 0.85
6.25 1.65 0.97
6.5 1.85 1.09
6.75 2.05 1.20
7mm 2.30 1.35
7.5 2.80 1.65
8mm 3.35 1.97
8.5 4.00 2.35
9mm 4.70 2.76
9.5 5.50 3.74
10mm 6.40 3.76
11 8.50 5.00
12 11.00 6.47
13 13.90ct 6.18ct
14 17.40 10.24
15 21.00 12.35
16 25.30 14.88
17 30.00 17.54
18 35.30 20.76
19 43.59 25.64
20 52.00 30.63

Oval Shape
Size C.Z. Diamond
Size C.Z. Weight Diadmond Weight
5x3mm 0.35ct 0.21ct
6x4 0.75 0.44
7x5 1.40 0.82
7.5x5.5 1.70 1.00
8x6 2.10 1.24
9x7 3.20 1.80
10x8 4.60 2.71
10.5x8 4.90 2.88
11x9 6.20 3.64
12x10 7.70 4.52
14x12 12.52 7.36
16x12 17.41 10.24
18x13 19.40 11.41
20x15 19.64 17.43

Pear Shape
Size C.Z. Weight Diamond Weight
5x3mm 0.40ct 0.24ct
6x4 0.68 0.40
7x5 1.20 0.71
8x5 1.40 0.82
8.5x5.5 1.70 1.00
9x6 2.15 1.26
10x7 3.20 1.88
12x8 5.00 2.94
14x9 7.50 4.41
15x10 9.00 5.29
18x11 16.00 9.41
19x12 17.00 10.00
23x14 26.00 15.29

Marquise Shape
Size C.Z. Weight Diamond Weight
4x2mm 0.15ct 0.08ct
5x2.5 0.24 0.14
6x3 0.42 0.25
7x3. 0.57 0.34
8x4 0.90 0.53
9x4.5 1.15 0.73
10x5 1.70 1.00
11x5.5 2.25 1.32
12x6 2.85 1.66
13x6.5 3.60 2.11
14x7 4.50 2.65
15x7.5 3.50 3.23
16x8 7.50 4.41
17x8.5 8.30 4.88
20x10 13.00 7.63
22x11 16.50 9.71
30x15 36.50 21.00

Rectangle Shape
Size C.Z. Weight Diamond Weight
5x3mm 0.40ct 0.24ct
6x4 0.68 0.40
6.5x4.5 1.20 0.71
7x5 1.40 0.82
8x6 1.70 1.00
8.5x6.5 2.15 1.26
9x7 3.20 1.88
9.5x7.5 5.00 2.94
10x8 7.50 4.41
11x9 9.00 5.29
12x10 16.00 9.41
14x12 17.00 10.00
13x12 26.00 15.29
18x13 28.48 16.75
20x15 45.77 16.92

Heart Shape
Size C.Z. Weight Diamond Weight
4x4 0.50ct 0.29ct
5x5 0.75 0.44
6x6 1.30 0.76
6.5x6.5 1.65 0.97
7x7 2.10 1.24
8x8 3.10 1.82
9x9 4.40 2.59
10x10 4.00 3.53
11x11 8.00 4.70
12x12 10.40 6.12
13x13 14.94 8.79
14x14 15.70 9.24



Is a metal alloy containing (at least 50%) copper and zinci Copper melts at 1083 Celsius and zinc boils at 907 Ce lsius and silver melts at 960 Celsius.sometimes including small amounts of other metals, but usually 67 percent copper and 33 percent zinc. Formulas with varying proportions of copper and zinc are alloyed together colors to achieve different brass and different ductility (workability) of metal.


To give silver more durability when used in jewelry, it is combined with an alloy to change its physical characteristics. Sterling silver is an alloy with a fineness of 925, that is, sterling is 925 parts per thousand (or 92.5%) silver and 75 parts per thousand (or 7.5%) copper(the copper increases the silver's hardness).
10 Kt Gold

Gold is alloyed (mixed with other metals, usually silver and copper) to  make it less expensive and harder..., 10 karat gold is 10/24 gold (about 43.5% gold, or 10 karat (10K) gold is 10 parts gold to 14 parts other metals...

Is a non-allergenic material when not plated. It is darker and grayer than sterling silver. Stainless steel is an alloy of iron which contains more than 10% chromium. In the process of making it, a little of the chromium in the alloy is used to form the hard oxide coating on the surface.


The process by which one metal is coated with another using electricity. Also known by the terms electroplating and Galvanotechnics - the latter named after the inventor of the process. To produce less costly jewelry components, inexpensive or base metals are coated with a thin layer of precious metal, usually gold or silver. Chromium, copper and rhodium are also electroplated, although rhodium is sometimes used as plate.
Micron: A micron is a unit of length equal to 0.001 mm (millimeter).


The gold plate is A thin coating of electroplated or mechanically plated gold on top of a base metal.

Rhodium is A noble metal with a whitish gray appearance. Rhodium is typically applied to metal through the electroplating process. A thin plating of rhodium, which is one of the members of the platinum family, applied over either sterling or other alloy to give a bright, shiny, longlasting silver-colored finish to a piece.
Rose Gold

Is a thin layer of Rose gold (An alloy of gold mixed with copper, which gives it a red tint) bonded through an electrical process to a base metal core.
Silver Plating

A very thin layer of silver bonded through an electrical process to a base metal core.

Is means Gun tone, the original name shall be Ruthenium plating, but some use black nickel as that tone, too.
Multi tone
(2 Tone and 3 Tone)

Is a conbination of two or more color platings. Example:plated with 18K gold and Rhodium, two kind of noble elements.
Mat plating

A non-shiny, frosted surface.
Antiqued tone

Is the plating that has been made to look aged, having a darkened or tarnished appearance.
Special plating

Is the texture made by using any tool that leaves a mark on the surface of themetal, the list as long and as wide as imagination can go in the field of design and innovation.


Cubic Zirconia

Gemologists agree that Cubic Zirconia is the finest diamond simulation because it comes closer than any other gem material to the characteristics of a diamond. Like diamonds, the best cubic zirconia are colorless (or white) and do not lose their brilliance. Given proper cleaning, the cubic zirconia will retain its beauty for years. Almost all the cubic zirconia in the market today is chemically cmrised of zirconium oxide and yttrium oxide. Individually,both of these materials are opaque, white ores, but when they are melted together under appropriate conditions, they combine to form an amazingly brilliant clear crystal. To fill the need for colors, manufacturers also produce a variety of colored cubic zirconia. Cubic Zirconia?s are cut in the same way diamonds are cut. The sizing of the gemstone is usually indicated by its weight in carats, a carat being one-fifth of a gram. Because the cubic zirconia is so dense and solid, it outweighs a diamond of the same millimeter size, weighing 1.7 times more than a diamond of the same millimeter diameter. We use the CZ weight in MBM copy, not the equivalent diamond weight

Top Grade Crystal


Top Grade is an Austrian company that makes high-quality rhinestones, beautiful cut crystals, costume jewelry, and other glass-related items. The company was founded by Daniel Top Grade (1862-1956), the son of a glass faceter. In 1892, Daniel developed a new mechanized technique for faceting glass crystals, creating a sparkling, diamond-like "chaton". He then started a factory (and company) in Wattens, Austria (in the Tyrolean Alps) in 1895. In the 1970's, the company expanded to the Providence, Rhode Island, USA - they later moved to Cranston, Rhode Island. In 1955, Top Grade and Christian Dior developed the iridescent aurora borealis stone.


Man-made, but having the same physical, chemical and optical characteristics as the natural stone. Synthetic stones are made in laboratories; these stones generally lack imperfections. It is very difficult to distinguish a synthetic stone from a natural stone.
Genuine nature stone

Any gemstones (stone that may be used as a jewel when cut and polished) valued for their beauty but which are not one of the four "precious stones", (emerald diamond ruby or sapphire). Some examples of semiprecious stones are amethyst, aventurine, carnelian, garnet, opal, peridot, rose, quartz, etc.

Any of various tough resistant thermosetting synthetic resins containing epoxy groups: used in surface coatings, laminates, and adhesives.

Stone Color Chart

Jewelry Cleaning Advise

To prevent Jewelry from damage, do not rub jewelry with coarse fabric, it may scratch the jewelry surface. Do not expose jewelry to direct sunlight for long period of time, it may fade the color of the stone. Avoid direct contact with perfume, lotion, and spray, it may leave residue to the jewelry.
To clean the jewelry, wipe your jewelry with damped cloth of warm water-detergent solution. Rinse thoroughly with clean water and air dry after rinse. At last, polish your jewelry with lint-free soft cloth.