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Our line of high quality line of mini-torches is a must have for fancy cooks or house repairing handyman! whether it is heavy duty welding or souffle, it will get the job done! The sleek design says it all. The design and durable stand make any of them a great pick as the last mini-torch you will ever need! They come in various styles and are made of with the greatest quality you will find anywhere!

Do not be fooled by the humble size of our mini-torches, they each give enough power for all your DIY soldering and welding needs. There are many uses where these mini-torches will come in handy. From culinary, DIY electrical work, jewelry repair, melting gold, silver or copper and small rods, and even house repairs, they will do it all!

NOTE: Each of our products meet the CPSC New Child Safety Requirements.

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