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Our line of cutting boards is a chef’s best friend. Our Bamboo Cutting Boards will let you cut in style when you need to get those foods onto a chopping block. Whether you are slicing or dicing, you need a great, sturdy cutting board to keep you safe. Our cutting boards are made of high quality bamboo and will last for years to come. Bamboo cutting boards are stronger and tougher than many wood cutting boards. For this reason they will show less damage. Also, they absorb quite a bit less water, which means less of a chance for bacteria and germs to spread, keeping your family and friends safe. Oh yeah, you cannot forget how beautiful and pleasing they look! They will show others you mean business in your kitchen!

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Medium Wooden Bamboo Cutting Board for Cheese and Chocolate Two In One Bamboo Grooved Cheese and Carving Serving Board with Handle
Bamboo Cutting Board For Cheese and Chocolate
List Price: $29.99
Price: $16.59
You save $13.40!
Grooved Bamboo Cheese and Carving Serving Board
List Price: $37.99
Price: $21.69
You save $16.30!