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These collectible animal sets will show the animal lover in you! It doesn’t matter which animal is your favorite, you are sure to find a lovable creature in these collections.  Whether they are wildlife such as foxes, monkeys, elephants, hippos, geckos, frog, owls, black bears, polar bears, rhinos, swans and raccoons, or cuddly creatures like the pandas, bunny rabbits, sea otters, sheep and squirrels or even sea creatures like sea turtles, sea horses, killer whales or beluga whales or even farm animals such as horses, chickens, baby chicks, pigs, and cows, we have them all!

The finest details on these animal collectible statues and figurines are remarkable. From poses to expressions, they are truly unique. With supreme craftsmanship, these high quality items hold great value and not to mention are very hard to find!

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